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Dear reader,

I was born in 1962 in a small town in northern Bavaria. Both my parents, public servants, had experienced the Second World War with its hunger periods. Food was very important to them and shared meals were the focus of family life. My two brothers and I were expected to attend lunch and dinner while living with my parents. The summer holidays we regularly spent in Italy and France and my mother used to include Mediterranean food into our daily life.

Under my parents’ influence I started to collect cook books in my teenage days. Preparing new recipes was highly rewarded by my family. After finishing high school I trained at one of the major Bavarian newspapers to become a certified reporter and news editor. After completing my education as journalist I moved to Greece and married. Following two years in Greece we shifted back to Germany and I started working as a political correspondent.

In 1992 I got divorced and decided to take a two year sabbatical. Beginning of 1994 I bought a motorbike, an Enfield Bullet, in New Delhi. The following 2 years I drove with the motorbike through India. End of 1996 I fell in love with my Italian husband in Goa. 1999 our son Valentino was born. In 2003 we renovated an Old Portuguese house. Finally I could design the kitchen of my dreams.

Although I have plenty of work as housewife and mother, I still get pleasure from writing. I have thoroughly enjoyed compiling the collection of recipes presented on this website and hope you enjoy cooking them. I will keep adding new recipes to this website, so please return often and recommend us to your friends.

At this point I would like to thank everybody, who contributed to this collection of recipes; especially Janette Hughes Hardin for patient reading und constant encouragement, Leila Almeida for numerous contacts and Cecil Pinto with all the members of Goa Writers for their kind feedback and support. Further I would like to thank Agnelo Desa and his team from Artek Systems for designing the website and making it work.

Happy cooking always!

Kornelia Santoro and family




Both my cook books 'Kornelia's Kitchen' & 'Kornelia's Kitchen 2'
have won the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for India.

'Kornelia's Kitchen'

Kornelia's Kitchen 2

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