• Bread of your choice
  • Tomatoes according to the amount of bread (about 1 medium size tomato for one big slice of bread or two small ones)
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Oregano or basil


Dip the tomatoes for one minute into boiling water, let them cool down and peel them. Remove white stalks and seeds, and then cut the flesh into small cubes. Mix with one or two cloves of garlic – you can use more or none at all, depending on your taste. Add olive oil, about one table spoon for two tomatoes, salt and freshly grated pepper.

The pepper you find in Goa is excellent, as it comes from the spice farms in the state itself and remains fresh and aromatic all year round. If you want you can put a little bit of balsamic vinegar, oregano or fresh basil leaves, roughly torn apart.

Toast your bread in a toaster or under the grill in the oven, spread your tomato mixture over the bread and serve immediately. Don’t let it stand around, otherwise the bread turns soggy.

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