Ingredients (for about 8 servings):

  • 500 gram flour
  • 10 tablespoons olive oil
  • 5 bunches spinach (about half a kilogram)
  • 3 leeks
  • 3 bunches of spring onions
  • 1 packet of Feta cheese
  • salt
  • pepper


Clean the spinach carefully, throw away all brownish leaves, wash the spinach and cut it into 2 cm long pieces. Clean the leaks and the spring onions and cut them into pieces, too. Mix the spinach, leeks and spring onions with salt and knead the vegetables with your hands. Drain all the juice. Cut the feta cheese into squares and mix into the vegetables together with 4 table spoons of olive oil.

Mix the flour with the rest of the olive oil, one tea spoon of salt and enough water until you have make elastic dough. Cover a cookie sheet with a border of at least 2 centimeters with olive oil. Take a bit more than half the dough and roll it out as thin as possible on a work surface covered with flour. It has to be bigger than the cookie sheet.

Put the dough on a cookie sheet. Be careful that you have a border all around. Now pour the spinach mixture over the dough. Roll out the rest of the dough and cover the spinach. Press the overlapping borders from the bigger sheet firmly onto the cover. Bake the spinach pie in the oven at around 200 degrees Celsius for about one hour.

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