Hidden treasures in rocket burgers

For many years I have desperately tried to make my son eat salad and other green, leafy vegetables. I added his favourite fried bacon and tuna to the greens. I tried convincing him by explaining how good green vegetables are for his body; I tried promises and threats before finally giving up.

Some time ago, I got inspired to a new effort. Wendell Rodricks, not only a gifted fashion designer but a gourmet as well, sent me a recipe for a meat loaf which was loaded with different kinds of vegetables and spices. Then I watched Rachael Ray who showed how you can hide vegetables in minced meat dishes. So I decided to start another attempt to get the healthy greens into my son.

My first experiment failed miserably. I had mixed boiled sweet potatoes, carrots, spring onions and leeks with minced chicken and fried these burgers in a pan. Unfortunately they turned dark outside before they cooked through. I did not mind the sweet potatoes, but my men flatly refused to eat these burgers. Luckily our dogs are not so discerning when it comes to food.

I kept on thinking which vegetables would make a nice mix and had the idea of testing rucola or rocket salad, like the English call it. I love rucola in salads or just plain with a fried piece of fish. When we are in Italy, many times our dinner is simply a lovely steak with rucola and cherry tomatoes on the side. Nowadays you can find rucola quite frequently in the market.

I had never heard of cooking rucola but decided to give it a try – and it worked. My son ate them without complaining - although my husband kept on asking me about the strangely green colour of the burgers. I avoided answering this question until dinner was over.

It seems, at long last I have found a way to get some green leafy vegetables into my darling’s belly – without a fight.

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