Lentil Cream - heavenly healthy

Here I introduce a vegetarian recipe which I have more or less created myself. I write more or less because it is inspired by the vegetarian sandwich spreads which you find in health food stores all over the world.

I have taken the flavours of the Greek lentil soup which I adore. This soup is dominated by tomatoes and oregano. Instead of making a soup however, I add just enough liquid to obtain a cream. You can serve this cream as a snack with crackers or bread. I like to stir in some red wine vinegar which adds a bit of tang. You can use the cream also to make healthy sandwiches, for example for your kids’ tiffin boxes. It is great topped with any kind of cheese.

Lentils not only offer a wealth of nutrition, they also taste really yummy.

Both my cook books 'Kornelia's Kitchen' & 'Kornelia's Kitchen 2'
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