Although there are controversial opinions about eating beef for various reasons, it remains a highly nutritious food. Lean beef contains high quality protein, iron, and zinc and B vitamins. Our bodies can absorb iron found in meat, poultry or fish much better than iron in plant foods and eggs.

Too little iron in your body can lead to iron deficiency called anemia. This causes tiredness, irritation and low attention spans. In children, low iron levels can reduce their ability to learn and depress growth. Furthermore the protein from beef contains all nine essential amino acids.

I think human beings are designed to consume all kinds of food. Beef, eaten in moderate amounts, contributes to our well being. As I consider plants as living beings, too, I cannot really perceive a vegetarian lifestyle as non-violent. We all kill to feed our bodies.

What I consider most problematic is mass livestock production which causes enormous amounts of pollution and treats animals in a cruel way. Whenever possible I buy meat from responsible farmers who consider animals living beings with a soul.

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