I strongly believe that using butter benefits our health. I cannot imagine how margarine, produced from unknown vegetable fats with the help of chemicals, can improve our bodies or have any significant nutritional value. This common sense opinion I share with a lot of professional nutritionists. Butter is not only a good source for vitamin A, needed for good vision; it also contains the vitamins E, K, and D and a number of trace minerals, especially selenium, a powerful antioxidant, and iodine, needed by the thyroid gland for proper functioning.

Furthermore butter supplies our bodies with a range of healthy fatty acids, one of which is cholesterol. Cholesterol is needed to maintain intestinal health and it is also needed by children for the development of their brain and nervous systems. So use butter for your kids – it tastes a lot better than margarine, too.

Both my cook books 'Kornelia's Kitchen' & 'Kornelia's Kitchen 2'
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