Weightloss Without Diet

Reasons for overweight:

There are many reasons for overweight, but I dare say: Most of the excess kilos we carry around are rooted in our psyche. When we take life too heavy we tend to pile on the pounds. Do you load too much responsibility on your shoulders? Do you always want to do more than you possibly can? Or do you suffer from depression without realizing it?

If we really want to change our weight we have to search inside ourselves. Maybe you have just enjoyed the culinary pleasures of life too much and thus put on some extra kilos. On the other hand, why do you need to comfort yourself with food or drink?

Now this may sound obvious and like pseudo-psychology but I have been there and I know what I am talking about. If you are seriously struggling with your weight for many years (never mind if you are really overweight or not) you should seek the help of a good psychotherapist or get psychological help in any way available. The sympathetic ear of a friend cannot be underestimated.

Only when you discover what really makes you fat you will be able to lose weight.

I further believe one major reason for piling up the pounds is the copious amounts of chemicals which are mixed into the modern food. First of all there are the various glucose and malt syrups which go directly from your mouth into your blood and from there to your hips.

Then there are all the preservatives which cause havoc in the digestive system. Just think about the nature of a preservative: Its function is keeping food from being spoilt by bacteria. Unfortunately our digestive system works with the help of bacteria as well. I cannot imagine that food swamped with preservatives can be easily digested or provide enough nutrients for our bodies.

Third when you enjoy eating out too much you tend to consume a lot of unhealthy fats. Did you ever check which kind of oil a restaurant kitchen is using? I dare state that any person who wants to stay healthy should not consume restaurant or fast food on a daily basis.

Another reason for overweight may be an undetected yeast infection of the digestive system. Yeast infections are widely spread nowadays and you can catch them easily in any public place. They are very difficult to get rid off. Candida albicans tends to invade the digestive tract and absorb nutrition from the food we eat. The result can be frequent food cravings and binge eating.

How to stay slim or lose weight:

Having stated this, let me show you how I keep my weight without diet – and I love to eat and drink. To all the people who claim there are foods which make you slim I would like to affirm the following (of course it is difficult to gain weight eating only leafy vegetables or green beans, but who wants to live like that?):

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