Weightloss Without Diet

Avoid huge meals:
Of course it is nice to enjoy a five or six course meal occasionally when celebrating or just when you feel like it. What would be life without indulgences? However, on a daily basis it is better to keep your meals small and eat more frequently. Spread your calorie intake over the day and don’t eat too late.

Avoid hunger pangs:
Keep on eating, don’t wait until you are starving. When your stomach is grumbling and you really need something to eat you tend to eat too much too quickly. Our brain needs around 20 minutes to register that we have filled our stomachs, that’s why it helps to eat slowly and chew carefully.

Satisfy cravings:
When something is making your mouth water, try to fulfill this desire. Your body is telling you what it needs. Cravings are one of the ways our bodies express themselves. As mentioned before: If you feel like eating a strawberry (or a chocolate bar or hot dogs) by all means, follow your craving.

Vitamins and minerals:
Make sure that you get enough vitamins and minerals by taking supplements according to your doctor’s advice.

Finally the obvious:
Don’t drink too much alcohol; eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and sleep enough. If you cannot sleep properly, feel fatigued or unhappy you might suffer from depression and/or hormonal imbalance. Go to your doctor and get help. Research online about your symptoms and ask your doctor about them.


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